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LAS Monthly Meeting

  • Fri, February 15, 2019
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Strickler Hall UL
February 15 LAS General Meeting Moved to U of L Strickler Hall.
Since it is too cold in the Urban Astronomy Center in February, we are moving our LAS General Meeting on February 15 at 8:00 PM to the warm confines of the Cochran Auditorium in Strickler Hall located just behind the Rauch Planetarium on the U of L campus. FREE parking arranged by Drew Foster, will be available in the lot next to the Planetarium at 6:45 PM. If that parking lot is full when you arrive, additional parking is available in the nearby Speed Art Museum parking lot at 2.00 per hour. It is a very short walk from there to Strickler.

The Louisville Astronomical Society invites LAS members and the public to our February LAS General Meeting on Friday, February 15 at 8:00 PM in the Cochran Auditorium at U of L's Strickler Hall behind the Planetarium. Free parking will be available in the lot next to the Planetarium after 6:45.
Our free lecture will be...

Cosmic Perspective in 2019
2019 is set to be an incredible year for space science and human spaceflight! In this extremely visual presentation, rocket launch documentarians Ryan Chylinski and MaryLiz Bender will guide you on what to expect, how to follow along, and how to get involved!
They will discuss how upcoming rocket launches will get several steps closer to our human missions to the Moon and Mars. Then, we’ll cover the science being returned from recently-launched spacecraft, which will help us better understand the formation of our solar system and worlds beyond.
The talk will be supported by Ryan’s stunning rocket launch photography. During the Q&A, Ryan and MaryLiz will answer questions about the technical aspects of rocket launch photography and what it’s like to cover rocket launches from different launch sites in the United States.

Website: https://www.cosmicperspective.com/

Ryan Chylinski is a multi-disciplinary author, entrepreneur and timelapse/astrophotographer. His artistic journey began with still landscape and Milky Way photography, but rapidly evolved to explore —all the more deeply— the hidden subtleties of space and time around us.
Ryan’s work, quest and ongoing studies remain closely entwined: he’s out to form deep networks of support around the art, artists and entrepreneurs bringing a more cosmic perspective to the general public through practical means… so we may continue to benefit from what they do best.

MaryLiz has witnessed, first-hand, the life-changing effects of achieving a cosmic perspective and is on a mission to pay it forward. A self-proclaimed “Empathy Evangelist”, she believes this is the most effective mission to elevate empathy and promote critical thinking.
She spent several years as a touring musician before dedicating her life to creative science communication. She is a passionate storyteller, public speaker, artist, sidewalk astronomer and experiential designer who develops creative outreach programs that engage underserved communities in the pursuit of cosmic exploration.

In 2018, Ryan and MaryLiz joined forces to take the Cosmic Perspective on tour. They travel the U.S. in a mobile observatory, hosting events that link art and science to fight the trends of nihilism, apathy and disconnection through their Cosmic Perspective movement.

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