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Thu, May 25, 2017 9:08 PM | Warren Philpot (Administrator)

We are proud to sponsor an amazing all ages space conference, where you will hear from NASA engineers, astrophysicists and space policy experts about how they need you to help shape the future of space exploration!

Our Place In Space

2 pm - 9pm

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Headliners Music Hall:  1386 Lexington Road, Louisville KY 40206

$8  - Buy your tickets in advance 

The Schedule:

2:00 PM

Workshops Begin

Come early and join us, as we provide views of the sun with our solar telescopes, This is also a time to enjoy other sponsor booths, which will provide VR experiences and workshops.

3:00 PM

Becky Steele - NASA Solar System Ambassador

Becky will welcome us with a conference introduction and a presentation on what's going on in space today.

3:15 PM

Tracy Drain - Flight Systems Engineer at NASA JPL

Tracy will talk about her work as Flight Systems Engineer at NASA JPL, share details of the Kepler Mission's discovery of exoplanets, and share the inspiring story of her career path, from Louisville to NASA JPL.

4:45 PM

Stephen Watson - Mission Assurance Manager and Project Software Systems Engineer at NASA JPL

Stephen will share details of the amazing work done at NASA JPL through his work on the Juno Mission to Jupiter and the Deep Space Network. He will unveil the vast opportunities available to those interested in working with NASA JPL.

6:00 PM

Intermission - enjoy the sponsor booths, workshops, networking, food trucks, drinks and entertainment.

6:50 PM

Casey Dreier - Space Policy Advocate at The Planetary Society

Casey will share his wealth of knowledge regarding the inner-workings of space policy, how NASA’s budget is determined, and how every citizen can help shape the future of NASA and space exploration.

7:35 PM

Breanna Ausbrooks - Astrophysicist at University of Louisville

Breanna will dazzle the audience with an astrophysicist’s unique view of our Universe, and talk about the programs available at the University of Louisville.

8:30 PM

Entertainment, mingling, networking and sponsor booth workshops.

9:00 PM

Doors Close, and attendees are invited to a Star Party at the Louisville Astronomical Society Dark Site Observatory in Curby, IN

We hope to see you there!

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