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Letter from the President, July 2016

Fri, July 01, 2016 7:56 AM | Warren Philpot (Administrator)

As July explodes in our face, blotting out the night sky with fireworks, we have some internal fireworks happening in the Louisville Astronomical Society.

The rocket goes up and BOOM, we just passed the century mark once again on membership. These new members are receiving notifications of when and where events are happening and are getting a welcome letter from the LAS. We are heading toward a goal of 200. At that point, we will generate $6,000. annually and will not have to be dependent on areas like scouting and equipment sales to sustain us which will let us concentrate our efforts on other areas vital to our growth.

A second mortar rises into the sky and BOOM, we have new members Charley and Mary Alice Keeton informing us that their son Chuck Keeton from the Rutgers University Physics and Astronomy Department will be in town in early July. We will have a lecture by Chuck on Sunday, July 3 at 4:00 PM at our LAS Urban Astronomy Center on Dark Matter and Gravitational Lensing. Imagine! A world-class researcher at our LAS facility!

With a double BOOM, old members Bob and Pam Hart also informed us that Pam's nephew Steve Watson, a JPL software engineer on the NASA Juno mission to Jupiter would be in town in early August. He will be doing a talk at both the UAC and Curby August 5 and 6. Prior to his talk, we will have extensive publicity on WDRB's Morning Show and a full page article in the Corydon Democrat and the Clarion in Crawford County, IN plus a press release to all radio and TV stations.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The LAS is exploding with excitement. Wes and Lori Newton, lifetime members, just donated a brand-new GE SXS Refigerator for the UAC. We have reversed the UAC and the old board room is now the storage room for equipment. The old equipment area is now the boardroom. Curby is in great shape thanks to Ronnie Yates and his crew. Group events are increasing under Frank Nelson's leadership and the B4B guys are pushing the LAS, sometimes nightly.

Personally, I have been making efforts to increase scouting events aided by Larry and Sue Loucka and Becky Steele. I have contacted the Hoosier Trails district in Bloomington, IN and the Crossroads of America district in Indianapolis so that they can send email blasts out about our STEM efforts. Many of our past scout groups have come from as far away as Chicago, so it made sense to go north. Becky and Sue are working on Girl Scout groups and American Heritage scouts.

I have also been visiting schools and Atria centers this summer to spread the word about the LAS and I am currently working with several Metro Council members to receive funding from them.

Who knows when the fireworks show will end? I hope never. With the team we have now, launching from a firm platform built by past members and boards, people will always be looking up to a new, exploding Louisville Astronomical Society.

Job well done!

Ken Alderson
LAS President

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