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Letter from the President, June 2016

Mon, June 20, 2016 9:06 AM | Warren Philpot (Administrator)

Thanks for everyone's help the first month of my LAS Presidency Phase Two. We have had a great time together and have gotten a lot accomplished. LAS Board Chairman Steve Swinney and the new board have been supportive and enthusiatic. We are proud to have the B4B guys and gals on the board and I am looking forward to having Ed Sharp as a new board member. These people are great at public outreach and their B4B Station has gotten over six thousand guests this year.

Look at the numbers. 36 people at the Election meeting. 100% quorum at the May 31 board meeting. 50 guests and LAS members at the May UAC Public Night. 80 LAS members and guests at the Curby Public Night with 17 scopes. 27 LAS members and guests at the Moore Observatory tour. 60 members and guests at the UAC Public Night. Eight new members in June. Member notifications are going out electronically. Great job, Warren and the Membership Committee (Karen Harle, John Turack and Warren) !

95% of the tasks at Curby are completed except the paint at a cost of less than $100.00. The gravel is down at Curby. Great job, Ronny! Public outreach numbers are up. Great job, Frank!

Wow! This was done as a team, building on the last board's work as they renovated the bylaws and the website. Great job, EVERYONE!

Hold on to your hats! We're going to Infinity and Beyond!

Ken Alderson
LAS President

(Editors's Note: B4B is the Big Four Bridge)

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