Regular club observations will be held at the James G. Baker Center for Astronomy near Curby in southern Indiana. A Site Use Policy has been established to accommodate its public and private use. An Observation Scheduling procedure has also been established. We also have a set of Observatory Rules for use of that facility.

The observation closest to the new moon is limited to LAS members, their guests, prospective members, or other interested individuals.

The observation closest to the first quarter moon is open to the public.

Observer’s normally set-up their equipment 30 to 60 minutes before sunset. Check the Event Calendar for detailed times.

The LAS Observing Site is west of Corydon, Indiana. Specific directions are as follows:

* From LouisvilIe take I-64 west to the Leavenworth/Marengo Exit (92)
* Go North (Right) on State Road 66
* In 3 miles take a left on Curby Rd (There is a sign on the right hand side of 66 directing you to the town of Curby)
* Go 1.7 miles on Curby Rd and take the first left past the town of Curby
* The LAS property is 2.7 miles on the right. Look for a gravel road coming off of a 90 degree turn in the county road.

Please review the Stargazing Etiquette document and follow the guidelines to maximize everyone’s enjoyment of the site.

The Curby Map has insets giving the detailed directions to the James G. Baker Center for Astronomy.