ClearSky Firefox Plugin

This plugin will display a minature version of the Clear Sky Clock from
in your browser’s status bar. This plugin only works with

This is version 1.6 and has limited functionality:
-The clock will refresh when the a new window is opened and at 05:00 and 17:00 UTC.
-Clear Sky Clock for Louisville is shown by default. See below to configure a different clock.
-Clicking on the statusbar will take you to the full blown Clear Sky Clock page.
-Just updated to work with Firefox 3.1

Install NowThis plugin works will all versions of Firefox 1.x


A screenshot of what it looks like:

Configuring which clock to use

The following instructions assume you have already installed the ClearSky Extention and have
already restarted your browser.

To display a clock other than the clock for Louisville, KY is a little tricky for now (until I
implement an acutal user interface to do the configuration). First go to and find a clock near your
location. Then copy the URL to that clock to the clipboard, or make a note of it. You’ll
need this address in the next step.

Type “about:config” in your browser’s address bar. This will
pull up a long list of all of the settings stored for your browser. The properties are
sorted in alphabetical order, so scroll down to “clearskyextion.clockurl” which will be
in BOLD. Double click on the line with this setting, which will pop up a box
you can type into. Delete the value in the box and press enter
the URL of the ClearSky Clock you identified in the step above.
Press OK, and you should see your new value listed.

Any new windows opened from then on will display the new clock (note there is a five second
delay between when a window is opened and when the new clock will display for the first
time). Just close any windows still displaying the old clock.

The clock will only refresh when you open a new window, this will be fixed in a future

Bugs, and To Do features
  • Store the image locally and have all windows point to the local file, rather than
    having each window fetch it’s own copy.
  • Implement an options dialog which makes it much easier to select a different clock.
  • Right clicking the clock image will bring up options to go to different astronomy related
    sites with information about your area. E.g. heavens-above, USNO, etc.