This page will contain information about the club’s astrophotography setup, and astrophotography in general. As well as links to various manuals regarding our astrophotography setup.

Quick Start guide:
LAS Astrophotography Quick Start Guide

It is recomended that you become familiar with the CCDSoft Manual, Genimi Manual, and PHD Guide software before actually heading out to take pictures.

CCDSoft Manual: Software for using the ST-8 to capture and process images.
Gemini Manual: Instructions for the computer system on the G11 mount.
PHD Guiding software. Their website has information, tutorials, and videos on how to use the software.
G11 Manual: The mount used on the astrophotography setup.
SBIG ST-8 Manual: The club’s main imaging camera.
CCD Ops Manual: Software for capturing and processing images, similar to CCDSoft, but free.
Robofocus Manual: The motorized focuser used on the astrophotography setup.
Megrez Manual: The primary imaging telescope.
Filter Wheel: The filter wheel, used to capture images through various filters, mainly for color imaging.
Relay Box: Relay box that converts signals from the ST-8 into autoguide commands for the G11.
Losmandy DSC Manual: Manual for Losmandy digital setting circles.

GIMP is a free open source image editing program. It has the ability to do many similar functions such as Adobe Photoshop, CCDSharp, etc. It can also work directory with FITS files.

FITS Liberator is a free tool for working with .FIT images, which are normally the type of files you get when working with astrophotography software. It also has a pugin for Photoshop.

CCD Calc is a free tool which shows you the size of the image you’ll get based on the object you’re imaging, focal length, and camera type.

Registx is a free program for aligning and stacking images.