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  Proposed LAS By Laws 2015.pdf (55.5 KiB, 473 hits)
Proposed changes to the LAS By-Laws.

The LAS Board held a meeting on January 24, 2015 to discuss changes to the LAS By-Laws.  The last time they were formally changed was in 1996.  There have been several changes with additions and subtractions.  Please take time to review the proposed By-Laws and let the Board know of any suggestions, concerns or ideas.  The next Board Meeting will also be the Election for the Board of Directors on May 15th, 2015.  If there are no comments prior to the Board Meeting which will be held at 6:30 p.m. on May 15th, the Board plans to vote and formally adopt the by-laws as presented in the January/February 2015 Starword and the March/April 2015 Starword.  Comments may be sent to any of the Board Members listed on our website.  Or you may send them to me at or

Mark F Rockstroh, Editor

Current By-Laws  

  Bylaws (39.1 KiB, 1,357 hits)

Dec 12


  December 2014 Starword (387.5 KiB, 726 hits)

The Last Starword for 2014 has just been posted.  Thanks everyone for a great year.

Editor, Starword

Mark Rockstroh

Jun 2

February 6, 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Louisville Astronomical Society Board Meeting
February 6th

Board Members Present: Ken Alderson, Karl Schmidt, Drew Foster, Don Spain, Bo Lowrey, Amy Causey, John Turack, Greg Miller, Darrell Collins, Randy Beachler, and Jann Hall.

Board Members Absent: Jeff McCaffrey

Guest(s): Ed Heiney and Troy Atwood

Start Time: 6:33PM

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Nov 17

Board minutes, November 17th, 2008

Board Members Present: Ken Alderson, Karl Schmidt, Drew Foster, Don Spain, Bo Lowrey, Amy Causey, Jeff McCaffrey, John Turack, Greg Miller, and Jann Hall.

Board Members Absent: Darrell Collins, and Randy Beachler

Guest(s): Pat Peak and Troy Atwood

Meeting called to order at 7:03PM.

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Oct 8

Board Meeting Mintutes for Oct 8 2008

Agenda for Wednesday’s Board Meeting

at the UAC at Tom Sawyer Park

October 8. 2008

Start Time 7:00 PM

Board Members Present: Ken Alderson, Karl Schmidt, Drew Foster, Don Spain, Darrell Collins, Bo Lowrey, John Turack, Amy Causey, Jeff McCaffrey, and Jann Hall.

Board Members Absent: Randy Beachler, and Greg Miller

Guest(s): Troy Atwood

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

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Aug 8

Louisville Astronomical Society Board Minutes – August 8, 2008

Board Members in Attendance: Ken Alderson, Karl Schmidt, Drew Foster, Don Spain, Amy Causey, Darrell Collins, Bo Lowrey, Randy Beachler, John Turack, Greg Miller, Jann Hall, and Jeff McCaffrey

Board Members Absent: All were available

Guests: Jim Lindle, Ed Heiney, Galen Lowrey, Don Ernst, Mike Moraghan and Troy Atwood.

Meeting called to order at 6PM

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Mar 11

Board Meeting Minutes for March 11, 2008

Louisville Astronomical Society (LAS)

Board Meeting Agenda for March 11, 2008

Board Members in Attendance: Jann, Ken, Greg, Ed, Son S., Randy B., Bo Lowery

Board Members Absent: Mike, Jeff, Karl

Guests: Ted M., Drew F., John T., Galen L.

Jann called the meeting to order at 6:43 PM.

Reading of minutes

No minutes available, Mike Sellers took the February minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

Current Balance: $18,673.55 less Expenses ($15,866.63) for bottom line balance of $2,806.92

Sidewalk astronomy report

April 11th – UAC – Public

April 12th – International Astronomy Day – 1st quarter Moon; Bardstown Road/Curby Public Night

April 26th – Bob Hill – Hidden Hill Nursery Event

May 2 – Derby Eve – Mile of Scopes on Bardstown Road

May 10th – National Astronomy Day at the Planetarium is to be held from 10 AM – 2 PM with Solar Viewing.

May 10 – Curby Public Event and UAC Public Event

Lunar and Planetary report

Don reported on the Young Moons of 2008; April 6, May 5 (Very Difficult), May 6; he will generate a certificate. Project mars report – Don has only heard from Karl. Don showed his report that he generated and is going to our library.

Observatory/Dark Site Report/Building Report

Thanks go to Wes Newton for this $600 donation to be matched by GE. Randall Barber made a donation of $1,000 with another $500 pledge. James Stewart made a donation of $500.

There has been an excel report generated on the 10” scope at Curby; needs new mount.

The 12” has gone crazy; we will replace it with the 10”. Curby needs work on the observatory, needs painting, mold needs to be removed, and the rails are rusting.

The building has a bad concrete floor; we have held $1,000 back from Darrell with the opportunity for him to fix.

The front field has severe ruts and he will level our and plant grass seed. We will close off with yellow tape for now to prevent parking in the area. The field across the street i draining back on us and is making our area so soft.

We are using wafer board and there is a leak around the posts. We used foam for insulation but it is uneven. The concrete is uneven and not smooth; Darrell is working on smoothing and treating this problem.

There are three sets of white lights, four red lamps spaced out.

The restrooms are ADA handicapped accessible. We will wait to tweek the bathrooms.

There is a new German shepherd dog coming up to visit us there, so be aware.

There is a 32” drop on the back of the building, 20” drop at the garage door and a ramp. We will need sidewalks to the garage door and a ramp. Ken made a motion the he would like to have the sidewalk on the N & S side to connect to the ramp for an estimated cost of $550. Ed seconded. Motion Passed unanimously. Ken has permissions to get this done as long as he leaves around $1,500 in the treasury.

The building has a coded lock on the door.

Plumbing and electricity are around $2,500.

We will be a little short of $17,500 on total expenses for our new building.

Elections – May 9th at the UAC

Individuals can nominate or nominate themselves for our officer positions. Mike Sellers will not be available for the April, May or June meetings.

Instrumentation Committee

The 12” Meade will be brought back to the UAC to send back to Meade since we are under a Service contract. May be mechanical or electronically. The 7’ mount will be used for Astrophotography, don may want to use the scope to evaluate the optics. We have a few scopes to sell. Bob Crews gave a short tube for raffle. Jeff McCafferty gave us a 6” CR 150 scope to raffle or sell. Dick Schultz is moving to Wisconsin permanently and he will donate his ETX 125.

Board of Directors

Troy Atwood has resigned due to his work load. Clark Barton has not been able to attend any meetings. Ken made a motion that he recommends John Turack and Darrell Colling to fill these positions. Ed seconded. Motion Passed unanimously.


Update Aerial Photo of Curby – Randy will let us know when his plane is back together due to maintenance.

Web site – Ted says to just start using the new site.

NOTE: the 7” scope may sell for $4,000 – $5,000.

Upcoming Programs – March – Julie Livinggood (Space Camp)

April – Mark Stevens Williams (Light Pollution)

May – UAC (Elections)

June – Rachel Connolly (Planetarium Update)

Adjourned 7:50 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Jann Hall, Secretary – 222-7740 H/852-5699 W

Aug 3

Louisville Astronomical Society (LAS) Board Meeting Minutes for August 3, 2007

Members Absent: Ed Heiney, and Greg Miller. Guests: Denise Beachler and BiBoard members in attendance: Jann Hall, Ken Alderson, Don Spain, Bo Lowrey, Randall Beachler, Jeff McCaffrey, Troy Atwood

Board members absent: Greg Miller, Karl Schmidt, Ed Heiney, Clark Barton and Mike Sellers

Guests: John Turack, Galen Lowrey and Denise Beachler
Jann called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.
Reading of minutes (Jann) Approved as Read.

Treasurer’s Report (Jeff) Current Balance $12,315.46 includes
Remaining Expenses/Disbursements:

Water – $26.01/mt., Electric – $50.00/mt., Monthly Sundries (postage, newsletter, publications, Astro Wear, Equip., projector, Curby & UAC Repairs & Maintenance, Insurance (Annually), UAC Rent (Annually) Clean-up &Set-Up, etc.) – $3,000
Membership 2006-2007 115 paid, 20 honorary, 6 Lifetime 141 Total / We will not rejoin the Astronomical League.

Sidewalk Astronomy Report (Bo)

August 3 & 4 – River of Stars Weekend – Friday at 7:00 pm

Aug. 4 – Boy Scout event in Brandenburg, 200 attendees expected; Pat Peak and Lacey Thomas

August 10 – Conglomeration Star Gaze – Friday at 11:00 pm; Katrina Butcher, Sci-Fi buffs group 10 – over 100 people in costumes, Clarion Hotel on Hurstbourne.

August 11 – Members Night – Saturday at 8:30 pm – Perseid Meteor Watch – Ken made a motion to hold a public event at Curby, seconded by Randy. Motion Passed unanimously.

August 17 – UAC Public event

August 18 – Public Observation at Curby – Saturday at 8:30 pm

August 20 – Camp Cedar Ridge – team building event, we will get $100 up to 30 people.

August 21 – Louisville Nature Center – Tuesday at 8:30 pm

August 24 – Home School Group – 8:30 PM, wants us to come to Pekin, IN; may suggest Aug. 18th, believes in the 6,000 year old universe.

August 28 – Eclipse watch at E. P. Tom Sawyer – 4 PM

September 8 – LAS Picnic at Curby Saturday at 6:00 pm / Members Night at 8 PM

September 27 – October 1 – John Dobson Visit to Louisville – Agenda?

The Board approved a $50 sign saying to not go to the back field – Members Only.

Lunar and Planetary report (Don) The LAS Lunar Landings Star Party at E. P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park Friday night July 20 was a great success thanks to the publicity from Ken Neuhauser and Jim Bulleit from WLKY TV. It was worth getting up at 3:30 AM to go on air at 5:00 AM! We had 15 scopes and over 200 visitors. We had over 100 hikers so we had to divide the crowd into thirds with Tessa Edelen, the park naturalist as one guide, and me and Bo Lowery taking the other groups. We began with a lecture on the evening’s activities in front of the gym. There were three stations along the fitness trail to the observing field with Anthony Minstein on binoculars, Jane and John Liello with a 60mm Nexstar and Galen Lowery showing moon views through a 6″ Dob. The observing field was busy all night. Don Spain had a crowd of 70 at his scope and our crowd estimate for the night was 200+. Troy Atwood stayed at the computer all night repeating the Lunar Landing Sites show. Jann Hall acted as hostess. We brought in over $200 in chances for the 114MM scope donated by Troy. Our guests were flown to the moon to stand where the astronauts stood on July 20, 1969, followed by going to Jupiter. After every show, there was applause and a lot of thank yous. Don Spain and Troy showed the landing sites for Apollo 11, 16, and 17 then our visitors went out into the field to view these sites through member scopes. Those helping in the field were Randy Beachler, Jay Clark, Don Spain, Rick Whitworth, J.R. Dietrich, Mike Moraghan, Jeff McCaffrey, Susan Radtke, Anthony Minstein, Bo and Galen Lowrey, Don Spain, Bob Crews, Ed Heiny, Greg Miller, Charles O’Hearn and David Thompson. That’s one giant star party for the LAS, the Urban Astronomy Center and E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park! Thanks, Tessa, Jim Bulleit, Ken Neuhauser and all the volunteers who made it possible. By our estimates, our first four star parties have brought 500 guests to the UAC. For August Don has a handout for the total lunar eclipse, starts at 4:00 am, wants people to enter a photo. Jupiter high in the south on the 17th, the UAC is open and Don will send a notice of what will be visible.

Librarians (Greg) New to us bookshelves have been moved and the books are ready to be moved. We will give away not current magazines.

Historian (Karl) Ken heard from a lady that the original Clark was in and will send out more info as he receives it.

Equipment Committee (Ed/Troy/John) We got the great orange crush 12” cast aluminum scope dissembled, and Troy & John cleaned the mirror; it needs to be recoated, same for the 6” finder and needs to be adjusted (both primary and secondary).The mirror coating will be less than $300 at Spectrum. Troy made a motion to get the 12” mirror recoated, seconded by Greg. Motion passed unanimously. Ed will send the mirrors. 12” Meade is back and going to Curby tonight and they will bring back the 8”. We still have a few scopes to sell. Mike Monahan finished the Foucault tester and it is working. Ed suggests we sell the observatory for $3,000.

Technology Committee (Troy) Rangers office has internet access, we will see if we can share. Troy will work with Ranger Dave and Chris Head to inquire about sharing. We still need another projector for programs.

Curby Update (Ken) Building wise we are looking at $12,000 – $15,000 with electricity & plumbing. Metal built – 24 W X 36 D X 10 H and insulated for $8,500, $5,000 Building kit, $3,000 assembly. Ken will work with an architect. Ken thinks it will be $11,500 plus electricity, plumbing and foundation. Ken suggests we hold off until spring and work on the design, 3 – 5 weeks to complete the building is what the architect originally thinks.

UAC Update (John) Pat Peak has donated items for the UAC; a partial list includes a sofa, rocker, computer desk, desk lamps, file cabinet, storage boxes, office chair, book shelf, storage cabinet and computer speakers to name a few. These items were picked up by John Turack, Drew Foster, Jim Lindle, Jann Hall and Ed Heiny. Starry Night needs to be purchased for the UAC.

UAC Security (John) Lights have been turned off and John & Troy have been talking with Ranger Dave about security lighting at the center. We can get lights for security at Home Depot with down lighting. Ken will call Chris about lights in the area, John & Ken will meet with Chris.

Gaming License Update (Ken/Jeff) Ken will contact the Chairman of the Louisville Thoroughbred Chorus, Tom Houchen, and Chairman.

Yahoo Group (Troy) There is a new e-mail group and Troy has set this up; he is working with Mike Sellers, John Turack.

John Dobson Visit (Ken) John will be hosted by Roger Curry and Dee Ozvath while in Louisville; Lunar Moon is at 1st quarter. He is here from September 23 through September 28th; the public events begin on Tuesday, the 24th and end on Bardstown Road, with a Mile of scopes, on Saturday, the 28th. Lacey Thomas will pick him up and take him to the Land between the Lakes.

MISC (All) Tabled for September – discussion of revision of our current By-Laws to include on-line protocol.

Our picnic will be moved to sometime in September, perhaps Member Night.

We need to look into packets for New Members, Jeff sends out a one page Welcome Letter.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Jann Hall, Secretary – 222-7740 H/852-5699 W

Jul 6

Board Meeting Minutes for 07/06/07

Louisville Astronomical Society (LAS) Board Meeting Minutes for July 6, 2007

Board members in attendance: Ed Heiny, Greg Miller, Jann Hall, Ken Anderson, Don Spain, John Turack, Troy Atwood, Jeff McCaffrey, Mike Sellers, and Karl Schmidt
Board members absent: Clark Barton, and Randy Beachler
Guests: Bill Sellers and Drew Foster

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Jun 6

Board Meeting Minutes for 06/06/07

Board members in attendance: Ed Heiny, Greg Miller, Jann Hall, Ken Anderson, Don Spain, John Turack, Troy Atwood, Jeff McCaffrey, Mike Sellers, and Karl Schmidt

Board members absent: Clark Barton, and Randy Beachler

Guests: Bill Sellers and Drew Foster

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