LAS Board Meeting

Date: 5/11/07            Convened at: 6:39 PM

Present: Pat Peak, Julia Aebersold, Clark Barton, Greg Miller, Ken Alderson, Don Spain, Karl Schmidt, Ed Heiny, John Turack

Minutes – Pat suggested skipping reading last month’s minutes. MOTION: Pat Peak moved to skip reading last month’s minutes. John Turack seconded. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

  1. Treasurers Report – Currently: balance is $10,923.49, 192 members, 15 renewals and 12 new members.
  2. Lunar Planetary Report – Don Spain presented Project Vesta. This year is the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Vesta and will be a good apparition of Vesta between 5/11/07 and 8/11/07. A certificate will be awarded for the most observations of Vesta during this apparition. This month the crescent moon, between May 17-19, will be near first Mercury then Venus. This is a photo op and Don is looking for submissions of our pictures. A certificate may be awarded for the best photos.
  3. Sidewalk Astronomy – Pat Peak said the next event will be at Fairdale Elementary for Home Schoolers. The following week will be both Cox’s Creek and Silver Creek observations. See the web site for details of upcoming events. Also, Pat will put his Excel spread sheet for the calendar events on the Board site. 5/19/07 is Sidewalk Astronomy Night with set up at the UAC. Those who can’t make it there are encouraged to set up on a sidewalk somewhere and provide viewing for the public. Pat will make a donation in the name of the LAS to Sidewalk Astronomy Night.
  4. Instrumentation Committee – Ed Heiny reported that the 12″ LX200 electrical has been fixed except for the backlash problem. Mike Sellers suggested a service contract with Meade for the scopes which would annually cost $250 for the 10″ and $350 for the 12″. The 16″ at Curby was discussed because of its backlash problem. It is usable on the current mount but a bigger mount for this size telescope would be better.
  5. New Urban Astronomy Center – Ken Alderson said there are plans for three piers to be set on the grounds and that Jeff Haynes has offered to supervise the installation. The State must approve any additions we make to the site before they can be made. When the piers are in place, the 12″ LX200 will go back to Curby, the 10″ will be at the UAC ready to be placed on a pier when needed. Ken also put forward the plan to purchase 50 chairs and enough tables for the classroom at the UAC at an estimated cost of $500.So far paint and supplies is estimated to cost about $400. Ken wants to set aside enough funds for the UAC, annual Curby costs and insurance. Kenny Napper donated $250 and GE will match that donation to provide $500 in funds so that should cover costs Ken believes. MOTION: Greg Mill proposed the following: Approve $600 to repair the 10″, if Jeff Hayne approves, and the 12″ if needed. Ed Heiny seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously. MOTION: Ed Heiny made the motion to approve $1000 for the UAC. Pat Peak seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
  6. Curby – Susan Loucka reports that a new desk has been purchased with locking drawers for the eyepieces. Also a lock for the computer will be put in place so that unqualified people can’t get on it and cause problems with the equipment. The two computers at Curby will be brought to the UAC along with the corner computer desk. This will clear the observing area around the telescopes. A small computer lab will be set up at the UAC with computers from the Scope Warehouse and those from Curby. Gravel needs to be put down on the road since it hasn’t been done for 2-3 years. The neighbors put down a light load but a full load needs to be put down and leveled. We should put up reflectors up along the road to mark it better for people at night. Pat mentioned he has some furniture to donate to the LAS. MOTION: Pat Peak moved that the LAS spend up to $400 on gravel for the road at Curby. Greg Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  7. Scope Warehouse – John Turack said that he wants to send over to the new UAC only the items we will be using. This is the time to get rid of a lot of things we don’t need, are in poor repair or not needed. Anything we don’t want can be sold at the Apollo Rendezvous in June or offered on Astromart. LAS members will be notified and have the first chance to grab these last chance items.
  8. Long Term Planning Committee Report – Within 60 days it is proposed to start on the new Curby building foundation with plumbing and electricity in place. The building will be 30’ X 40’ or 24’ X 36’ for similar costs. Members will be contacted first to see if they want to do any of this work.
  9. UAC Progress – Painting and preparation was started on 5/12/07 for painting on 5/19/07. A switch will be provided for the outside lights and one of the lights will be removed. Ken has a key to the building and will make a duplicate for John Turack.
  10. Election – Ballots are ready if needed for the election tonight. If someone is added the ballots have a space provided.
  11. New Business – Gaming License would open up fund raising possibilities. Bingo Palace would run it and the license would allow for two Texas Hold ‘Em events per year. The license costs $250, $2500 supply fund would be provided to Bingo Palace and there would be a rental cost. We would have 60 days to cancel any agreement with Bingo Palace. Other groups who have worked with Bingo Palace have been financially successful.
  12. Adjourned at 7:51 PM. MOTION: Karl Schmidt moved to end the meeting. Pat Peak seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  13. President Ken Alderson called a special Board Meeting when a quorum of the membership did not show up for the General Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 8:07 PM by Ken Alderson. MOTION: Ken moved that Bo Lowery be nominated for Sidewalk Astronomy Chairman. Pat Peak seconded. MOTION: Ken moved that Jeff McCaffery be nominated for Treasurer. Julia Aebersold seconded. The following slate was accepted by acclamation:

    President: Ken Alderson
    Vice-President: Mike Sellers
    Secretary: Jann Hall
    Treasurer: Jeff McCaffery
    Editor: Ed Heiny
    Historian: Karl Schmidt
    Librarian: Greg Miller
    Sidewalk Astronomy and Public Outread Chair: Bo Lowery
    Lunar and Planetary Chair: Don Spain
    Member At Large: Troy Atwood
    Member At Large: Randy Beachler
    Member At Large: Clark Barton

    Adjournment at 8:12 PM MOTION: Greg Miller moved to adjourn. Ed Heiny seconded.