Louisville Astronomical Society (LAS)

Board Meeting Agenda for March 11, 2008

Board Members in Attendance: Jann, Ken, Greg, Ed, Son S., Randy B., Bo Lowery

Board Members Absent: Mike, Jeff, Karl

Guests: Ted M., Drew F., John T., Galen L.

Jann called the meeting to order at 6:43 PM.

Reading of minutes

No minutes available, Mike Sellers took the February minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

Current Balance: $18,673.55 less Expenses ($15,866.63) for bottom line balance of $2,806.92

Sidewalk astronomy report

April 11th – UAC – Public

April 12th – International Astronomy Day – 1st quarter Moon; Bardstown Road/Curby Public Night

April 26th – Bob Hill – Hidden Hill Nursery Event

May 2 – Derby Eve – Mile of Scopes on Bardstown Road

May 10th – National Astronomy Day at the Planetarium is to be held from 10 AM – 2 PM with Solar Viewing.

May 10 – Curby Public Event and UAC Public Event

Lunar and Planetary report

Don reported on the Young Moons of 2008; April 6, May 5 (Very Difficult), May 6; he will generate a certificate. Project mars report – Don has only heard from Karl. Don showed his report that he generated and is going to our library.

Observatory/Dark Site Report/Building Report

Thanks go to Wes Newton for this $600 donation to be matched by GE. Randall Barber made a donation of $1,000 with another $500 pledge. James Stewart made a donation of $500.

There has been an excel report generated on the 10” scope at Curby; needs new mount.

The 12” has gone crazy; we will replace it with the 10”. Curby needs work on the observatory, needs painting, mold needs to be removed, and the rails are rusting.

The building has a bad concrete floor; we have held $1,000 back from Darrell with the opportunity for him to fix.

The front field has severe ruts and he will level our and plant grass seed. We will close off with yellow tape for now to prevent parking in the area. The field across the street i draining back on us and is making our area so soft.

We are using wafer board and there is a leak around the posts. We used foam for insulation but it is uneven. The concrete is uneven and not smooth; Darrell is working on smoothing and treating this problem.

There are three sets of white lights, four red lamps spaced out.

The restrooms are ADA handicapped accessible. We will wait to tweek the bathrooms.

There is a new German shepherd dog coming up to visit us there, so be aware.

There is a 32” drop on the back of the building, 20” drop at the garage door and a ramp. We will need sidewalks to the garage door and a ramp. Ken made a motion the he would like to have the sidewalk on the N & S side to connect to the ramp for an estimated cost of $550. Ed seconded. Motion Passed unanimously. Ken has permissions to get this done as long as he leaves around $1,500 in the treasury.

The building has a coded lock on the door.

Plumbing and electricity are around $2,500.

We will be a little short of $17,500 on total expenses for our new building.

Elections – May 9th at the UAC

Individuals can nominate or nominate themselves for our officer positions. Mike Sellers will not be available for the April, May or June meetings.

Instrumentation Committee

The 12” Meade will be brought back to the UAC to send back to Meade since we are under a Service contract. May be mechanical or electronically. The 7’ mount will be used for Astrophotography, don may want to use the scope to evaluate the optics. We have a few scopes to sell. Bob Crews gave a short tube for raffle. Jeff McCafferty gave us a 6” CR 150 scope to raffle or sell. Dick Schultz is moving to Wisconsin permanently and he will donate his ETX 125.

Board of Directors

Troy Atwood has resigned due to his work load. Clark Barton has not been able to attend any meetings. Ken made a motion that he recommends John Turack and Darrell Colling to fill these positions. Ed seconded. Motion Passed unanimously.


Update Aerial Photo of Curby – Randy will let us know when his plane is back together due to maintenance.

Web site – Ted says to just start using the new site.

NOTE: the 7” scope may sell for $4,000 – $5,000.

Upcoming Programs – March – Julie Livinggood (Space Camp)

April – Mark Stevens Williams (Light Pollution)

May – UAC (Elections)

June – Rachel Connolly (Planetarium Update)

Adjourned 7:50 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Jann Hall, Secretary – 222-7740 H/852-5699 W