Board members in attendance: Ed Heiny, Greg Miller, Jann Hall, Ken Anderson, Don Spain, John Turack, Troy Atwood, Jeff McCaffrey, Mike Sellers, and Karl Schmidt

Board members absent: Clark Barton, and Randy Beachler

Guests: Bill Sellers and Drew Foster

Mike called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Reading of minutes (Mike) Approved as Read.

Treasurer’s Report (Jeff) Current Balance $10,818.80 includes
Remaining Expenses/Disbursements:

Water – $26.01/mt., Electric – $50.00/mt., Monthly Sundries (postage, newsletter, publications, Astro Wear, Equip, projector, Curby Repairs & Maintenance, Insurance, UAC Rent, Clean-up &Set-Up, etc.)- $3,000
Membership 2006-2007 105 paid, 20 honorary, 6 Lifetime ————— 131 Total

Sidewalk Astronomy Report (Bo)

We have been contacted by Camp Cedar Ridge for a Star Party; we will get a $100 donation from Humana, more details later. The first three events have gone well and the crowds are growing, we need more help at the UAC for events.

June – Cub Scout Group coming to Curby

July 21 – Patoka Lake Star Party

August 3 & 4 – River of Stars Weekend – Friday at 7:00 pm

August 10 – Conglomeration Star Gaze – Friday at 11:00 pm

August 11 – Members Night – Saturday at 8:30 pm

August 18 – Public Observation at Curby – Saturday at 8:30 pm

August 21 – Louisville Nature Center – Tuesday at 8:30 pm

Lunar and Planetary report (Don)

Things are slow this month. On July 16th the Moon and Saturn together and Venus is off to the side around 10:00 PM, good photo opportunity. The Moon is 39% full on July 6th. Book deadline is August 1st, Don has 40 pages to do and July 20th is his set date to finish.

Librarian (Greg) Greg reported that the donated furniture from Pat’s sister needs to be moved for the library to be moved the UAC. No further report.

Historian (Karl) Karl reported that he has the list of Board Members from the beginning to now. Looking for photo’s to make a collage.

Equipment Committee (Ed/Troy/John)

Curby Equipment Inventory still needs to be completed. Setting circles need to be added on the Light Bridge and the mirror needs to be cleaned. The 12” is ready to be shipped to Meade, the 10” is operational with the use of the front panel from the 12”, and Meade has redesigned the Light Bridge so we might get some ideas from them. The Astro Photography computer has a blown serial port, we are looking for a replacement port. We need to consider purchasing another projector and screen; Bo hung our existing projector at the UAC very well.

Technology Committee (Troy) Troy reported the DSL is $35.00/mt for home; Satellite would be $65.00/mt and would give us internet connectivity. Troy will look further into and he has some equipment for this he will give us. There was a discussion regarding a Handicapped Ramp at the UAC; the building was grandfather in and there is a Boy Scout that may be interested in doing the project as an Eagle Scout project. We also had a discussion regarding Handicapped Eyepiece(s), the group talked about a reticulated eyepiece, we will look further into.

Gaming License (Ken/Jeff) Ken & Jeff went to the Bingo Palace (BP) to learn more about this suggestion for: ex. Bingo Cards, Pull Tabs, BP currently has all proceeds that go The Louisville Thoroughbred Chorus and they may be willing to work with us. We need to work and we can be there by availability. Ken says they are running a very thin line on legality; we need a $3,000 bank plus $3,000 for purchase of supplies, for a total of $6,000. Jeff says someone from LAS has to be on site at these events and this presents more worries about man-power. In addition Ken reports that for a $250 gaming license this will cover Texas Hold-ems. Ken will contact the Chairman of the Louisville Thoroughbred Chorus.

Yahoo Group (Troy) All board members are set-up but Jann. A member has a very risqué address attached to their signature and this must stop. Ken made a motion to get LAS a group account set up for the board group and switch the current group account to the new account owned by LAS. Karl seconded. The motion “Passed” unanimously.

MISC (All) Tabled for September – discussion of revision of our current By-Laws to include on-line protocol.

No Board Meeting August 3rd, next Board Meeting is September 7th. Our picnic will be moved until sometime in September, perhaps Member Night. The UAC Garage is filthy and we most likely won’t use it to store our equipment. We are sharing the phone line at the UAC with the Park Ranger. We need to look into packets for New Members.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Jann Hall, Secretary – 222-7740 H/852-5699 W