Louisville Astronomical Society (LAS) Board Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2006
Board Members in Attendance: Ken Alderson, Jann Hall, Karl Schmidt, John Turack, Randy Beachler, Don Spain, Julia Aebersold, Troy Atwood, Clark Barton, Mike Sellers, and Pat Peak.
Board Members Absent:
Ed Heiney, and Greg Miller.
Denise Beachler and Bill Sellers.

Mike called the meeting to order at 6:35 P. M.
Reading of minutes (Mike) Approved as Read (minor changes)
Treasurer’s Report (Julia) Current Balance $7,551.31
Remaining Expenses: Water -$182.07 Electric -$140.00 Property Tax -$314.52 Monthly Sundries -$800.00 Curby Expenses -$800.00
Year End Budget $5,314.72
Membership 44 2005 (yet to be paid from 2 years ago) 43 2006 (yet to be paid from last year)
139 2007 paid for this year 13 honorary ————— 152 Total Observatory Expense are projected to be about $100.00 Misc. Julia sent out another postcard ($22.00) to reminding member they have not paid their dues. The credit card payments should be arriving at Ken’s e-mail address.
Long Term Planning Committee (Julia) Met August 19, this was their second meeting; plans were sent to members of the committee for feedback. One more meeting then it will be presented to members physically and at the meeting for changes/revisions; then the board will vote on after all changes/revisions are made by a set deadline. The changes/revisions will be presented at the XMAS/Holiday meeting.
Ad Hoc Committee to review By-Laws and Constitution (Ken/Pat) Pat has gone through the By-Laws; we need to add Lifetime membership’s definition of full memberships for Sect. 1 and Sect. 2 Privileges. The Officers section needs a few additions of definitions of officers and duties. We need to improve our communications, create memberships cards and it is suggested that we save all documents as PDF files. It is suggested that we place a $500 for expenses by the board without membership approval; the Board can’t sell property and can’t put the membership in dept. We need to add more non-board members on this committee, Clark Barton has volunteered himself. We will follow Roberts Rules of Order on most items but the Board may have to step in to process some actions. We need to address the dissolution of the club and how to dissolve the club if it ever becomes necessary.
Sidewalk astronomy report (Pat) The General Butler State Park responsibilities have been moved to this committee. Ken and Mike met with Burt of Leavenworth Inn: they would like to schedule some on-going events; we are waiting to hear back for dates. They will be held at the Overlook Restaurant; they will have theme weekends at a Bed & Breakfast. Wyandotte Community Agency says no help to the building however, they are willing to give us $500 – $1,000 for tasteful advertising at our site; to place a plaque and/or certificates to link off our web-site.
Some upcoming events: Bernheim, 2007, new events: Full moon walks, 1-2 per full moon, you follow paths with shadows; there will be Planet walks starting in March (Saturn). Oct. 6/7: Camp Crooked Creek – Mammoth Cave – meeting night; St. Francis in Goshen Nov. 8: Waterfront – Mercury Transit or Cox’s Park Patoka Lake tabled 1st Saturday to be placed on the calendar
Lighting Committee report (??) No Report. This will be deferred to the Long Term Planning Committee.
Lunar and Planetary report (Don) Don reported that that he has placed the lunar real-estate on hold for now. Don is busy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Don’t book will be a lunar pocket atlas. He reported that Bernheim may be putting in a small planetarium. Jefferson County mot very interested now. Bullitt County wants to put Dons lunar/planetary class on their schedule.
New Member Training (September) (Don/Ken) This will be handled under Lunar and Planetary Committee (Perk of the club), the locations are yet to be determined. Their proposal is as follows: 2 hours of Basic Astronomy – Don 2 hours of basic equipment 2 hours of observing (UAC or car pool to Curby) Each participant will get a certificate at the end of the training. In addition, we might want to revamp Telescope 101 to be held in November & January, so it is before and after Christmas.
Instrumentation Committee No report
Observatory/Dark Site report (Susan/Larry) No report in the absence of Larry and Susan Loucka.
Adding links to local businesses to website (Mike) Tabled
Risk of ban from Yahoo & Expulsion from membership (Mike) Tabled
Equipment Committee (Ed/Troy) John and Ed are working with John Kielkopf on the 22” mirror ad new design for using the center pier at Curby. We have a Schmitt Camera, 14” Celestron on loan from John Kielkopf; now tuck film may be converted to a CCD imager in the tube. The Inventory has been completed and most of the mirrors are top quality, the 12.5” is over corrected. The Meade mount has been returned and mounted on the tripod, we need to look further into.
UAC Director (Troy) Tabled
MISC. Ken reported the following on our Holiday/XMAS Party: Kingfish – $20 with a buffet ($18 goes for linins, tips, food, drinks –open cash bar). Louisville Science Center – $500 rental fee, we hire our own caterer; museum will be closed to visit. Planetarium – $400 rental fee, buffet with caterer and snack foods; rounds in lobby, meeting, DJ, entertainment & dining, Dec. 14 available. Roger is not leaving the club.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jann Hall, Secretary – 222-7740 H/852-5699 W