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Event Calendar for 2015




The following are the provisional events for the Louisville Astronomical Society for 2015. Note that there will be additions, deletions, and cancellations as the year progresses and as the weather dictates.  I will normally notify the society as soon as practicable when there is a change. This calendar posted on our web site is the official calendar.


2015 Astronomy Schedule, All Event

   Sep Friday 11        8PM                 U of L Planetarium Skies Over Louisville Live Presentation

Sep Saturday 12    8-10:30PM      Bernheim Sky Watch & Star Stories

Sep Saturday 12    dusk              LAS Member Only Night at Curby. 

Sep Friday 18  6:30PM              LAS Board Meeting at the UAC open to any LAS Member in good standing.

Sep Friday 18        8PM                  LAS General Meeting at the UAC.  

Sep Saturday 19    dusk                 Bernheim Welcome Fall at Earth Measure

Sep Saturday 19    dusk                 Curby Public Night

Sep Friday 25        dusk                 Urban Astronomy Center Public Night

Sep Sunday 27      evening             Total Lunar Eclipse:  LAS Volunteers will have scopes set up at the following sites:
The Big 4 Bridge, Blackacre Nature Center,

Oct Friday 9          8PM                     U of L Planetarium

Oct Saturday 10    7:30-10PM          Bernheim Sky Watch & Star Stories

Oct Saturday 10    dusk                     Curby Member Night

Oct Friday 16        8PM                     LAS General Meeting at the UAC

Oct Saturday 17    dusk                  Curby Public Night

    Oct Staurday 17    dusk                       Stars over Charlestown, IN

Oct Friday 23        dusk                     Urban Astronomy Center Public Night

Nov Saturday 7      dusk                     Curby Public Night

Nov Friday 13        8PM                     U of L Planetarium

Nov Saturday 14     6-8:30PM              Bernheim Sky Watch & Star Stories

Nov Saturday 14    dusk                     Curby Member Night

Nov Friday 20        8PM                     Urban Astronomy Center Public Night.

Dec Friday 11        8PM                     Bernheim Sky Watch & Star Stories and Geminids

Dec Saturday 12    dus                     Curby Member Night

Dec Friday 18        dusk                  Urban Astronomy Center Public Night

LAS Christams Dinner……TBD




September 11, 2015
8:00 pmto10:00 pm
October 9, 2015
8:00 pmto10:00 pm
November 13, 2015
8:00 pmto10:00 pm
December 11, 2015
8:00 pmto10:00 pm

On the Second Friday of every Month the University of Louisville Rauch Planetarium does a live “What’s Up in the Sky over Louisville” for their 8:00 p.m. show.  After the show, they invite those inside the show to go out into the courtyard where if the weather is permitting, LAS Volunteers have set up some scopes for their viewing pleasure.  LAS Member Volunteers are asked to set-up by 8:15 pm in the Courtyard.  We may set-up earlier in the Courtyard or outside the perimeter depending on the objects in the sky at that time.  As always, the outside portion of the viewing is very much weather dependent as most scopes cannot see through the clouds and rain is very hard on the electronics inside modern scopes.

Skies Over Louisville: Seasonal Editions At The University of Louisville Rauch Planetarium.

What does the sky look like tonight? Where can I find the planets? When is the best time to see the International Space Station? “Skies over Louisville” is designed to help answer these questions and many more. The program features an in-depth tour of the night sky including stars, constellations, and planets. Each month we will explore one area of observational astronomy in detail and every session will give the audience a chance to ask questions about the current night sky. This program changes with the seasons and throughout the year, so be sure to comeback again and again. This program is suitable for all ages.


Planetarium Programs and Laser Programs

Single Show Option

$8.00: Adults (ages 13 to 64)
$6.00: Children (12 and under), Senior Citizens (65+) and Metroversity students with student ID

Two-show ticket option

$15.00: Adults (ages 13 to 64)
$11.00: Children (12 and under), Senior Citizens (65+) and Metroversity students with student ID

Three-show ticket option

$22.00: Adults (ages 13 to 64)
$16.00: Children (12 and under), Senior Citizens (65+) and Metroversity students with student ID


08/30/2015 Solar Observing 1-3 pm The Parklands

August 16, 2015
1:00 pmto4:00 pm
August 23, 2015
1:00 pmto3:00 pm
August 30, 2015
1:00 pmto3:00 pm

Solar observing at the Parklands today. Use your own discretion. Forecasts showing possible thunderstorms from 1 til 4.


The LAS has been asked to provide some telescopes for solar viewing from 1 to 3 pm at the PNC Center in Beckley Creek Park located in the Parklands of Floyds Knobs.  Setup of scopes is on the sidewalk in front of the PNC Center with viewing starting at 1 pm or earlier if you wish to set up early.  The last two times we have shown the wonders of the Sun (with and without spots) to over 350 or more people.


Aug 6


  July-August-2015-Starword.pdf (311.2 KiB, 120 hits)

The July/August 2015 Starword is ready.

Anyone interested in submitting an article for the September/October 2015 Starword should send them to

Articles should be submitted by August 21, 2015.  Thanks in advance.  Thanks to Karin Harle, Ken Alderson and John Turack for submitting articles and ideas along with helping the Editor proof the document.  If you discover any errors let me know and I will post corrections as soon as I am able.

As you may have noticed I’m in the process of changing a few things on the website while the Board considers further design changes.  Comments can be sent to any Board Member or can be sent to me at the address above.  Who would like to volunteer to help us redo the website AND to maintain the website?  Volunteers should please contact the Board with your interest.

Editor, Starword, Louisville Astronomical Society

Mark Rockstroh,



Aug 3


Saturday, August 15, 2015 is the scheduled Member Only night out at our dark site in Curby, Indiana, the James G Baker Center for Astronomy.  This monthly event is not opened to the general public.  If you are not a member of the LAS, our Public Night in Curby was Saturday August 8th, and will happen again on Saturday, September 19th.  We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you.  You may wish to attend our public night at the Urban Astronomy Center (UAC)  located in E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, Louisville, KY on Friday, August 21st or Friday September 25th.

All events are weather dependent as our scopes cannot see through the clouds and rain does wonders to the mirrors, lenses and electronics.  May your skies be clear.

Apr 21

March-April 2015 Starword and Request for Updated Information.

  jan-Feb-2015-Starword.pdf (325.9 KiB, 354 hits)
Starword for January/February 2015.

  March-April-2015-Starword.pdf (287.3 KiB, 346 hits)

Attached are the January/February 2015  and March/April 2015 Starword.  Page 2 and 3 list our upcoming events.

If you have not recently updated your your information, or if you need to Join or Renew your membership, attached is a form which may be used.  If you use the Paypal link, please complete the form and send a copy to and to Secretary@Louisville-Astro.Org.

  Membership Update form (16.5 KiB, 213 hits)
Form members may use to join, renew or just update their data.

Members have requested a Membership Listing/Address Book be made available.  The list will be limited to members only and once our records are updated and verified will be available by contacting the LAS Secretary at Secretary@Louisville-Astro.Org.

The Forms may be printed and mailed to the address with any checks if joining or renewing or may be brought to any LAS Function and provided to any Board Member present.  Remember, the LAS General Meeting on May 15, 2015 is election time for the new Board.  Any member in good standing may run for office.  If you would care to run, please contact me or the LAS Secretary with your interest prior to May 01, 2015 so we may add your name to the Ballot.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.  Clear Skies (one day soon I hope).  MFR, Editor, Starword.

Mar 29


  Proposed LAS By Laws 2015.pdf (55.5 KiB, 300 hits)
Proposed changes to the LAS By-Laws.

The LAS Board held a meeting on January 24, 2015 to discuss changes to the LAS By-Laws.  The last time they were formally changed was in 1996.  There have been several changes with additions and subtractions.  Please take time to review the proposed By-Laws and let the Board know of any suggestions, concerns or ideas.  The next Board Meeting will also be the Election for the Board of Directors on May 15th, 2015.  If there are no comments prior to the Board Meeting which will be held at 6:30 p.m. on May 15th, the Board plans to vote and formally adopt the by-laws as presented in the January/February 2015 Starword and the March/April 2015 Starword.  Comments may be sent to any of the Board Members listed on our website.  Or you may send them to me at or

Mark F Rockstroh, Editor

Current By-Laws  

  Bylaws (39.1 KiB, 1,222 hits)

Dec 12


  December 2014 Starword (387.5 KiB, 520 hits)

The Last Starword for 2014 has just been posted.  Thanks everyone for a great year.

Editor, Starword

Mark Rockstroh

Sep 11

Galileo’s Starry Messenger

At yesterday’s meeting, Dr. Chris Graney donated a copy of his book to the LAS. It is titled Galileo’s Starry Messenger 1610-2010: An exhibit for the Louisville Free Public Library. It is on the bookshelf at the UAC.

Aug 15

Louisville Astronomical Society Library Book Listing

Louisville Astronomical Society Library Book Listing


Amatuer Telescope Making:   1
General:   13
Observing:   24
Photography:   6
Physics:   11
Science:   25

  • Amatuer Telescope Making

  • General
    • Atlas of Mars: The 1:5,000,000 Map Series by Batson, Bridges, Inge ISBN:
    • Cambridge Astronomy Guide by William Liller,Ben Mayer ISBN:0521257786
    • Einstein: : The Life and Times by Ronald W. Clark ISBN:038001159x
    • Einstein’s Universe by NIGEL CALDER ISBN:0517385708
    • Greenwich Observatory by D Howse ISBN:0850660955
    • Greenwich Observatory … the story of Britain’s oldest scientific institution, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich and Herstmonceux, 1675-1975 by ISBN:0850660939
    • Horizons: Exploring the Universe 3rd Ed by Micheal A Seeds ISBN:0534097944
    • Introduction to Planetary Geology (Cambridge Planetary Science) by Billy P. Glass ISBN:0521235790
    • Mars and the mind of man by ISBN:0060104430
    • SKYLAB Explores the Earth by NASA ISBN:
    • The inner planets: New light on the rocky worlds of Mercury, Venus, Earth, the moon, Mars, and the asteroids by Clark R Chapman ISBN:0684148986
    • Universe: An Illus Intro by William J. Kaufmann ISBN:0716716739
    • Using displayWrite by Deborah Beacham ISBN:0880221275

  • Observing
    • A Workbook for Astronomy by Gerald David Waxman ISBN:0521253128
    • Amateur Astronomer’s Handbook by John Benson Sidgwick ISBN:0894900498
    • Amateur Astronomer’s Handbook by John Benson Sidgwick ISBN:0894900498
    • Amateur Astronomer’s Handbook by J.B. Sidgwick,R.C. Gamble ISBN:0571047483
    • Astinomy Made Simple (Made Simple Books (Doubleday)) by MEIR H. DEGANI ISBN:038508854x
    • Astronomical Calendar 1987 by Guy Ottewell ISBN:0934546169
    • Atlas of the Heavens-II Catalogue 1950.0 by Antonin Becvar ISBN:
    • Cambridge Deep-Sky Albm by Jack Newton,Philip Teece ISBN:0521256682
    • Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes by Thomas W. Webb ISBN:0486209172
    • Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes by Thomas Webb,Margret Matall ISBN:0486209180
    • Comet!: The Story Behind Halley’s Comet by Greg Walz-Chojnacki ISBN:0918831512
    • G/Wich Observ. Vol 2 Wss Bnd by Meadows. ISBN:0850660947
    • Introduction to Practical Astronomy, with a Collection of Astronomical Tables by Elias Loomis, LL.D ISBN:
    • New Horizons in Amateur Astronomy by Grant Fjermedal ISBN:0399514864
    • Norton’s Star Atlas and Telescopic Handbook by Arthur P Norton, J Gall Inglis ISBN:
    • Observing Variable Stars : A Guide for the Beginner by Janet A. Mattei,David H. Levy ISBN:0521321131
    • Planet Saturn by A.F.O’D. Alexander ISBN:0486239276
    • Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes: A Manual for Optical Evaluation and Adjustment by Harold Richard Suiter ISBN:0943396441
    • Telescopes for skygazing by Henry E Paul ISBN:0817424083
    • The Amateur Astronomer’s Catalog of 500 Deep-Sky Objects by Ronald J Morales ISBN:0894040766
    • The Guide to Amateur Astronomy by Jack Newton,Philip Teece ISBN:0521340284
    • The Questar Moon by Questar ISBN:
    • Through the Telescope: A Guide for the Amateur Astronomer (Discovering Earth Science) by Michael R. Porcellino ISBN:0830631593
    • Whitney’s Star finder: A field guide to the heavens by Charles Allen Whitney ISBN:0394749537

  • Photography
    • Asto Filters For Observation and Astrophotography 2nd Ed. by Raymond Francis Barbera (et Al) ISBN:
    • Hidden Sun: Solar Eclipses and Astrophotography by James Lowenthal ISBN:0380869594
    • Kodak Films: Color and Black-And-White. (Kodak publication ; no. Af-1) by Eastman Kodak Company. ISBN:0879851619
    • Kodak Plates and Films for Science and Industry by Kodak ISBN:
    • Outer space photography for the amateur by Henry E Paul ISBN:0817424075
    • Skyshooting: Photography for Amateur Astronomers by Robert Newton Mayall ISBN:0486218546

  • Physics
    • Astrophysical Concepts by Martin Harwit ISBN:0471358207
    • Astrophysics Today (Readings from Physics Today, No. 1) by A. G. W. Cameron ISBN:088318446x
    • Cosmology + 1: Readings from Scientific American by ISBN:0716700115
    • Eternal Universe by Harold W.G. Allen ISBN:0962455512
    • New horizons in astronomy by John C Brandt ISBN:0716710439
    • New horizons in astronomy (A Series of books in astronomy and astrophysics) by John C Brandt ISBN:0716703386
    • Physics and the Physical Universe by Jerry B. Marion ISBN:0471569194
    • Realm of the universe (Saunders golden sunburst series) by George O Abell ISBN:0030051398
    • Riddles of the stars: White dwarfs, red giants, and black holes by Robert Kraske ISBN:0152669078
    • The Physics of everyday phenomena: Readings from Scientific American by ISBN:0716711265
    • The Universe of Galaxies by Paul Hodge ISBN:0716716763

  • Science
    • A study guide to accompany the Dynamic universe: An introduction to astronomy by C. D Garmany ISBN:0314711309
    • A study guide to accompany the Dynamic universe: An introduction to astronomy by C. D Garmany ISBN:0314711309
    • Astronomy, the cosmic perspective by Michael Zeilik ISBN:0060473878
    • Astronomy: A Journey into Science by Karl F. Kuhn ISBN:0314470093
    • Astronomy: Journey into Science by Karl F. Kuhn ISBN:0314524878
    • Astronomy: The Cosmic Journey by William K. Hartmann ISBN:0534005462
    • Astronomy: The Cosmic Journey by William K Hartman ISBN:0534095798
    • Astronomy: The Evolving Universe 3rd Ed by Michael Zeilik ISBN:0060473762
    • Discovering Astronomy/Paperback Book With Instrument Package by William Jefferys,Ralph Robert Robbins ISBN:0471832111
    • Exploration of the Universe (3rd ed.) by George O. Abell ISBN:
    • Exploring the cosmos by Louis Berman ISBN:0316091960
    • Exploring the Universe by W.M. Protheroe,E.R. Capriotti,G.H. Newsom ISBN:067520898x
    • Exploring the universe by W. M Protheroe ISBN:0675081548
    • Exploring the universe by W. M Protheroe ISBN:0675083133
    • Exploring the Universe 4th Ed Instructors Manual by Protheroe, Capriotti, Newsom ISBN:067520898m
    • Foundations of Astronomy by Michael A. Seeds ISBN:053408544x
    • Seeing in the Dark : How Backyard Stargazers Are Probing Deep Space and Guarding Earth from Interplanetary Peril by Timothy Ferris ISBN:0684865793
    • The Dynamic Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy by Theodore P. Snow ISBN:0314696814
    • The Dynamic Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy (Instructor’s Manual) by Stephen J. Shawl ISBN:0314711295
    • The Dynamic Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy (Instructor’s Manual) by ISBN:0314711295
    • The New Astronomy by Editors of Scientific American ISBN:
    • The Red Limit: The Search for the Edge of the Universe by Timothy Ferris ISBN:068801836x
    • The Universe by ISBN:
    • Universe: An Evolutionary Approach to Astronomy by Eric Chaisson ISBN:0139383913
    • University astronomy (Saunders golden sunburst series) by Jay M Pasachoff ISBN:0721670997

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